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Fruit trees.

Please contact Paul @ 087 9720310 to confirm that variety requested is in stock.


Apples  from  €30.00 each       Most varieties Available all year round


All apples need a partner of a different variety for pollnation, pollinatior group in brackets.


Malus katy (b)            Red small fruit, good for colder areas.

Malus Discovery (b)       Red medium sized eater, firm fruit good for keeping.

Malus Elstar (b)       Medium sized juicy red/green eater. heavy cropper.

Maus beauty of bath (a)          Sweet, small red eater.

Malus lord lambourne (a)        Heavy cropper, green/yellow flushed with red fruit.

Malus Coxs orange pippen (b)     Red/orange medium sized fruit, juicy and sweet.

Malus James grieves (a,b,c)       Yellow/orange large fruit. juicy and softish. Excellant pollinator.

Malus Summered (b)     Strong red fruit.

Malus Bramley (b)requires 2 partners.    Large green cooker.



Pears     €30.00 each    Most varieties available all year round.


All pears are self fertile. Normally take 4 - 5 years to fruit. A pollinator will improve crop.


Conference             The no 1 pear, reliable heavy cropper, juicy and firm olive coloured fruit. 

Williams                 Yellow large fruit, regular croper.



Plums     €30.00 each        Most varieties available all year round.


Plums are self fertile. A pollinator does improve crop.


Victoria            Golden red fruit, excellant cropper. Can be used for eating or cooking.   

Czar                  Purple cooking plum.   

Opal                 Great flavour, soft brght redish purple fruit.



Cherries        €30.00   each        Most varieties available all year round.    


Most Cherry trees are self fertile.


Stella              Red to purple juicy sweet fruit, Self fertile.

Morello           Cooking cherry, large red fruit, self fertile.




Gooseberry     €7.00 each           Available from feb to July.


Invicta             Green large sized fruit. Excellant cropper, can be used as an eating or cooking fruit.

Whinhams industry        Red/purple large fruit with excellant flavour. Can be used as an eating or cooking fruit.


Currants       €7.00 each      Available from feb to July. 


Ben lomand Black currant       Very heavy yields, good disease resistance.

Jonkheer van tets  Red currant             Very heavy cropper, Large juicy fruit.

White versailles White currant            White sweet fruit. good cropper.


Raspberry    €7.00 each     Available from feb to July.   


 Malling Jewell                     Red sweet flavoured reliable fruit.

Autumn bliss                       Late fruiting, high yielding plant.


Blueberry     €12.00 each     Available from feb to July.   


Goldtraupe             Sweet dark blue Blueberry, good cropper.

Bluecrop                Blue sweet fruit. Strong grower.



Rhubarb      €7.00 each      Available from feb to June.


Timperly early         Strong grower, good juicy stems.



Strawberry   €2 each    Available from feb to june.


Cambridge favourite      Sweet red,strong cropper.

Elsanta                           Trailing variety, can be used in baskets, pots.



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