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Cherry Blossom


Prunus Kanzan                 €40.00 (7ft)       Pink Double Flower in Early spring, deciduous green leaf.

Prunus Nigra                    €40.00 (7ft)       Lights pink flower in spring, Deciduous purple leaf.

Prunus Amanogawa        €40.00 (7ft)       White flower in spring, thin columnar shape deciduous green leaf.  

Prunus Shirotae               €40.00 (7ft)       Pure White flower in early spring, green deiduou leaf.

Prunus Shirofugen           €40.00 (7ft)       White flower in spring, green deciduous leaf.

Prunus Royal Burgundy    €40.00 (6ft)      Pink flower, Purple deciduous leaf.

Prunus Kiku shidare         €40.00 (6ft)      Weeping pink flowered cherry, green deciduous leaves.


Mountain Ash/Rowan


Sorbus Aria                     €40.00 (6ft)      Red berries in autumn, Silver deciduous leaf.

Sorbus Aucuparia           €40.00 (7ft)      Red berries in autumn, Green deciduous leaf.

Sorbus Joseph rock        €40.00 (7ft)      Yellow berries in autumn, Green Deciduous leaf.

Sorbus Commixta           €40.00 (6ft)      Red Berries in autumn, Green Deciduous leaf.

Sorbus Intermedia          €40.00 (6ft)      Red berries in autumn, Silver/green deciduous leaf.




Acer Crimson king          €40.00 (7ft)      Purple leaf, deciduous.

Acer Drummondii           €40.00 (7ft)      Green and white variagated leaf. Deciduous.

Acer Worleii                    €40.00 (7ft)      Golden leaf. deciduous.




Betula Jacmnontii           €40.00 (8ft)      Silver bark, Green deciduous leaf.

Betula Youngii                €40.00 (7ft)      Silver bark, Weeping branched, deciduous green leaves.




Fagus sylvatica               €40.00 (7ft)     Green deciduous leaves. Large tree.

Fagus syl  purpurea        €40.00 (7ft)     Copper deciduous leaf, large tree.


Red Thorn


Creatagus Pauls Scarlet  €40.00 (7ft)    Red flower, Green deciduous leaf.


Flowering Crab


Malus Everest                 €40.00 (7ft)     White flower. Oange/red berry in autumn, green deciduous leaf.

Malus Scarlet                  €40.00 (6ft)     Pink flower, Purple deciduous leaf, purple berry.

Malus Rudolph                €40.00 (8ft)      Pink flower, red berry,green leaf.

Malus Golden hornet      €40.00 (7t)       White flower. Yellow berry,Green deciduous leaf.



Quercus Petrea               €40.00 (7ft)     Green pointed deciduous leaf, red autumn colour.

Quercus Robur                €40.00 (7ft)     Green Deciduous leaf, golden autumn colour.




Cotoneaster Hybridus pendulous   €35.00 (7ft)    Weeping Evergreen, white flower in spring, red berry in autumn.

Cotoneaster cornubia                     €35.00 (7ft)    Evergreen, white flower, Red berry.




Cedrus Deodora              €40.00 (7ft)  Evergreen yellow leaved weeping tree.

Cedrus atlantica             €60.00 (6ft)  Evergreen blue leaved weeping tree.


Persian ironwood


Parottia persica              €40.00 (6ft)  Deciuous tree, green leaves turn to red amber for autumn




Carpinus fasigiata          €40.00 (8ft)  Slender deciuous green leaves turn to yellow in autumn.




Salix cuprea pendula     €30.00 (5ft)   Weeping willow, white catkins before leaves in spring, deciduous green leaves.

Salix tristis                    €40.00  (8ft)  Weeping willow, Tall yellow stemmed tree, deciduous green leaves.

Salix niskiki                    €40.00 (5ft)  Minature deciduous willow. Green, white and pink leaves.




Tilia cordata                   €40.00  (7ft)   Tall deciduous green leaved tree.



Pointed conifer


Thuja emerald                 €25.00 (4ft)   Evergreen  pointed green conifer, very slim, no shaping necessary.




Tree Stakes  6ft high,  3inch diameter     €3.50

Tree Stakes  5ft high,  2inch diameter     €2.50

Heavy duty Rubber tree ties                     €1.50  



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